Image1TRITECH Associates Inc. is a full-service security firm headquartered in New Jersey, providing integrated security systems and professional security services to clients throughout the world. Our focus is on enhancing corporate, healthcare, educational and government facilities with the latest in integrated systems. We incorporate the newest systems of Access Control and CCTV into a building’s infrastructure-whether it is a brand new installation or a system retrofit. Our mission is to leverage an investment that a client may have previously made and we are often able to integrate legacy systems into the more efficient network-based solutions. Our commitment to provide full service on security systems sets standards in this industry, as we often provide 24 hr. service to clients, at no additional charge. We are proud members of many organizations, including:



System Design and Documentation—when we meet with a client, we often provide a full need assessment and risk analysis. TRITECH supports our clients with the most advanced equipment available. In addition to supplying the equipment, we also have the capability to properly install and maintain the equipment for years of successful operation.

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Dr. Kevin P. Schatzle