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Access Control Systems
Initially, access control systems were merely designed to do away with keys and lock doors.  Yes, one can still expect this basic functionality from these systems, but they do so much more.  Doors are automatically and selectively unlocked for certain hours and days of the week.  Employees often carry company ID badges with photos, stored in the database and the technology of the cards have evolved from magnetic strip, barcode, proximity, smart cards and biometric-including fingerprint, hand geometry, facial recognition and iris scan.  The systems that we furnish will often enable existing badges to be used, saving a client considerable money and time to migrate systems.

Access Control Systems


Employee Badging
Enables a company to take photos of their employees, store them in their database and print their own badges through dye sublimation printing technology.  Badges may also be encoded at the same time.  We offer a variety of printing solutions and even can provide a “Badging Concierge Service” for smaller firms, in which we will print your badges and deliver them to you by overnight delivery services.  We  also furnish complete printing supplies and accessories.


Employee Badging


Visitor Management Systems
The security requirements today often mandate that Visitors are required to register at the facility that they access.  Many company’s still use the log books at the receptionist desk to sign in.  However, should one ever be required to provide a written report regarding who accessed the site, the task is almost impossible—and highly inaccurate.  We proudly offer a solution to facilitate Visitor Management.  This solution can standalone or further interface with access control systems—enabling reports to be produced and storage of visitors in the database.  Verification of identity through driver license scanning can even be obtained—in addition to printing a temporary paper badge or even an access card for access to certain areas.

The unique self-expiring technology provides organizations with simple, cost-effective visitor control systems that change color automatically to let you know they have expired!

Visitor Management Systems


Video Surveillance & CCTV Systems
Whether it is one camera or many, the technology from analog cameras has evolved considerably, providing the customer with tremendous choice.  We often use IP technology for video communication and power requirements. The newer cameras offer complete panoramic and pan/tilt/zoom capability with NO MOVING PARTS!. The cameras are often integrated through the Access Control Platform-enabling the video clip to be completely associated with the alarm event.  This can then be recorded (Pre Event, Event and Post Event activity)archived or even emailed to appropriate personnel In addition to a choice of cameras, we often employ covert solutions when required.


CCTV Systems


Intercom & Communication Systems
For total control of areas, we often provide and install intercom systems that will announce visitors, flash their image on a desktop unit and enable an individual to remotely release the door from their location.  Whether it is one unit or a networked approach, having IP capability, we size the communications system to fit the application.

Intercom Systems


Infant Abduction/Patient Systems
We are one of the largest providers of these systems that are designed to thwart infant abduction and patient wandering in the NJ, NY and PA areas.  Our systems often interface with elevators, nurse stations, CCTV and cause lockdowns when an attempted abduction takes place.  They are widely used throughout hospitals and health care facilities. We assist institutions with fulfilling their JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation Healthcare Organizations) inspection of these systems. We also offer full programming capability, training and supplies for these systems. We also service and provide systems that are used in the assisted living healthcare market.

No more wondering whether or not a tag is on! The new design incorporates a red, pulsating light (LED) that provides a visual indication that a tag is active. 



Parking & Revenue Control Systems
Whether it is a standalone parking gate controlling access to a condominium, office complex or employee parking lot, or a campus environment where many gates are used, TRITECH will provide a “turnkey” installation for this application.  Often, our gates control access to sites that are secured by access control system card readers.  We also furnish Revenue Control Systems that enable parking lot operators to manage the revenue received from the sites that they are contracted to control.  Detailed reports may be run from any remote location, tracking validation, parking lot usage hourly loads and of course revenue received.  We also furnish and install cash and credit card machines for this purpose.

Special Services

Security Consulting services are diverse and can be utilized across many business sectors. Consulting will assist you in determining strengths and weaknesses of planned or existing systems, programs and infrastructure; identify training needs within an organization or review potential vulnerabilities/ issues.

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