System Design and Documentation—when we meet with a client, we often provide a full need assessment and risk analysis. TRITECH supports our clients with the most advanced equipment available. In addition to supplying the equipment, we also have the capability to properly install and maintain the equipment for years of successful operation.

Documentation consists of system schematics, riser diagrams and point to point diagrams. We can provide Facility, Security Managers and Architects with electronic versions for storage using AutoCAD® software, as well as maintaining client files. This in-depth documentation has earned TRITECH many long time customers in the hospital and corporate environment, where system changes are facilitated as well as service expedited. The result is considerable savings in money as well as time spent on installations and support.

Image1Project Management— TRITECH is structured so that there is a single point of overall contact – whether it concerns the investigative and personnel services that we offer or application engineering and installation of electronic security systems. Our employees are accustomed to working almost exclusively in sensitive areas of corporate, government, and educational institutions. The focus on the customer is so prevalent throughout our organization that all employees must provide their mobile phone #’s to the client when they are involved with a project. In addition to attending Project Meetings, we adhere to a client’s workplace rules and operations. In today’s installations, we interface with IT departmental personnel on a regular basis – whether it is one building, campus environment, national or even global installation, network connectivity is often used.


Image1SERVICE—As a firm in the security industry, we understand the URGENCY of a client’s needs. That is why we made a major investment in fully equipped trucks and trained service personnel. We constantly strive to stock spare parts in proportion to the systems that we install. We also maintain certifications for our technicians. We are often called upon to provide service on systems that other system integrators have installed and the client desires a more rapid response time. We understand the pressures that are often placed on Facility and Security Managers to remedy problems. That is why our client list has expanded exponentially year after year.


TRITECH Standards for Electronic Security Systems

We adhere to a few major factors when we furnish systems:

Whether it is one door, building or parking facility, each system must have complete expansion capability - WITHOUT incurring a “forklift upgrade.”  All too often companies acquire or merge with other entities.  Without the ability to expand easily results in unnecessary expenditure and disruption.  Our systems are fully expandable and are quoted with inherent spare capacity so it is easy to add doors or applications.



In today’s environment, the security systems must be able to interchange data between systems.  The term “system integration” has been misused by many in this industry, only for the client to be surprised when a requirement calls for future integration with building management systems, and often environmental control reporting.  The systems that we furnish are tested to make sure that not only will Access Control work with CCTV, but they also have to work with alarm reporting.

That is why we often can interface with a company’s email system and workstations to deliver specific alarms and information.  We program these systems with the customer’s operational expectations concerning the handling of alarms.  Since we optimize these systems as part of our installation process, the client is always involved - even after system acceptance.  Changes are often made as needs change and this is usually accomplished by programming or adding software modules onto the initial investment.


SystemsCommunications and System Architecture

    • In addition to using UPS Systems, TRITECH’s product offerings often use a fully distributed system architecture that minimizes catastrophic system or communications failures.  Security is still maintained at the local level with event recording maintained, database integrity and even alarm annunciation. Our systems often use network communications and IP protocol to communicate between devices or sites.  System backups are often performed offsite and/or in conjunction with IT departmental procedures.  We can also offer client/server independence on many systems

Special Services

Security Consulting services are diverse and can be utilized across many business sectors. Consulting will assist you in determining strengths and weaknesses of planned or existing systems, programs and infrastructure; identify training needs within an organization or review potential vulnerabilities/ issues.

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